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"When the hunters were successful she was represented as beautiful and benignant, her hands glittering with gold and silver ornaments, wearing ear-rings and garlands of gold, with hair-bands silver-tinseled, on her forehead strings of pearls, and with blue stockings on her feet, and red strings in her shoes. But if the game-bag came back empty, she was described as a hateful, hideous thing, robed in untidy rags, and shod with straw."
bullet Race: Deity
bullet Title: Hostess of the Forest, Mother of the Woodland
bullet Gender: Female
bullet Names: Mielikki, Mimerkki, Honey-Rich Mother of the Woodland, Hostess of the Glen & Forest
bullet Spouse: Tapio
bullet Children: Nyrikki (son), Sima-suu (daughter)

Mielikki is a goddess of the forests. She was praised when the hunt was successful and portrayed as hateful if the hunt was unsuccessful. She has the keys to the treasury of Metsola and has a chest of honey that feeds the forest deities.

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Mielikki is the Finnish goddess of forests and the hunt. She is referred to in various tales as either the wife or the daughter-in-law of Tapio. She is said to have played a central role in the creation of the bear.

In the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic based on Karelian folklore, the hero Lemminkäinen offers her and Tapio prayers, gold and silver so he can catch the Hiisi elk. In another passage, Mielikki is asked to protect cattle grazing in the forest. In a country where the forest was central to providing food through hunting, gathering and cattle grazing, it was thought very important to stay on her good side. She is also offered prayers by those who hunt small game and those who gather mushrooms and berries.

Mielikki is known as a skillful healer who heals the paws of animals who have escaped traps, helps chicks that have fallen from their nests and treats the wounds of wood grouses after their mating displays. She knows well the healing herbs and will also help humans if they know well enough to ask her for it. Her name is derived from the old Finnish word mielu which means luck.

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Mielikki (pronounced MEE-le-kee) is the Finnish Goddess of hunting and forests. Her name means “darling,” and she is called upon for success in hunting. She is wife of Tapio, the forest God, and mother to Tuulikki, Goddess of forest creatures, and Nyyrikki, God of hunting.

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