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SELKET (Selqet, Serket, Serqet)
Symbols: Scorpion
Selket was the goddess of scorpians and magic. She was depicted in the form of a woman with a scorpian on her head.
Her roles in Egyptian mythology were many, mostly as a beneficial goddess. She watched over Qebehsenuef, one of the four sons of Horus, who in turn protected the intestines of the deceased. Other connections with the afterlife include her epithet, "Lady of the Beautiful Tent" which referred to her as a protector of the embalmer's tent. In the Afterlife she was said to watch over a dangerous twist in a pathway. She was also credited with guarding the snake, Apep following his imprisonment in the Underworld. Selket was also associated with childbirth and nursing. Contrary to her typical benficial characterization, she was also related to the sun's scorching heat. In the Book of the Dead, she is a protector of the deceased and his teeth are identified with hers.
Magically, Selket was a protector from venomous bites. She was the patroness of magicians who dealt with poisoness bites. Suprisingly though, it was usually Isis who was invoked in spells against scorpion stings.

Her name means 'She who causes to breathe' and refers to her power of protecting from, or curing poisonous stings of scorpions and serpents.

In Egyptian mythology, Serket (also spelt Serket-hetyt, Selket, Selkis, Selchis, and Selkhit) was originally the deification of the scorpion. Scorpion stings lead to paralysis, and Serket's name describes this, as it means (one who) tightens the throat. However, Serket's name can also be read as meaning (one who) causes the throat to breath, and so, as well as being seen as stinging the unrighteous, Serket was seen as one who could cure scorpion stings, and other poisons, such as snake bites.
In art, Serket was shown as a scorpion, or as a woman with a scorpion on her head, and although Serket doesn't appear to have had temples, she had a sizable priesthood. The most dangerous species of scorpion resides in North Africa, and its sting can kill, so Serket was considered a highly important goddess, and was sometimes considered by pharaohs to be their patron. As the protector against poisons, and snake bites, Serket was often said to protect the gods from Apep, the great snake-god of evil, sometimes acting as the guard when Apep was captured.
As many of the venomous creatures of Egypt could prove fatal, Serket was also considered a protector of the dead, particularly being associated with poisons, and fluids causing stiffening. She was thus said to be the protector of the tents of embalmers, and of the canopic jar associated with poison —the jar of the small intestine— which was deified as Qebehsenuf, one of the Four sons of Horus.
As the guard of one of the canopic jars, and a protector, Serket gained a strong association with Aset (Isis), and Nebet Het (Nephthys), who also performed a similar function. Eventually, long into Egyptian history, Serket began to be identified as Isis, sharing imagery, and parentage, until, finally, Serket became said to be merely an aspect of Isis.

Here are some Kemetic Texts about her:

(I am) Serqet, mistress of heaven and lady of all the gods.
I have come before you (Oh) King's Great Wife,
Mistress of the Two Lands,
Lady of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Nefertari, Beloved of Mut,
Justified Before Osiris Who Resides in Abtu (Abydos),
and I have accorded you a place in the sacred land,
so that you may appear gloriously in heaven like Ra.
-- Inscription in the Tomb of Nefetari, Serqet speaking to Nefertari

"I embrace with my two arms that which is in me. Everday I make protection for Qebehsenuef, which is in me. The protection of Osiris is the protection of Qebehsenuef, for Osiris is Qebehsenuef."
-attributed to Selkit in an inscription of an ancient canopic jar.

"The teeth of the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, are the teeth of Serqet."
-Egyptian Book of the Dead,

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